black thread on brass profile


tradition as reference

The design of this exhibition deals with the experience of the visitor as an active participant in the exhibition space. Put in somewhat general terms, the layout aims to encourage concentrated participation on the part of the viewer by guiding them through a series of different »ambiences« within the exhibition space itself. The design is based on delineation, the creation of several, smaller ambiences inside a larger space. The rooms can be entered one after the other, similar to the way in which we move between larger rooms through narrow corridors in a residential apartment.

The walls float above the floor and give the impression of lightness and transparency. The use of thread alludes to one of the first methods by which clay vessels were decorated: thread was imprinted into fresh clay in order to create a specific, ornamental texture.


project name: black thread on brass profile

typology: exhibition design  

location: Ljubljana, SI  

year: 2015  

status: built  

size: 450 m2

client: National Museum of Slovenia

design team: Vid Zabel, Barbara Žunkovič